There is a football stadium and a covered sports hall in Fethiye. The Fethiyespor football team is in the 3rd League of Turkey. The basketball and volleyball teams are playing in the amateur league of Mugla.
     The Rowing and Sailing Club of the Fethiye Municipality, though very recently established, is already successful in national contests. The Port of Fethiye is very suitable for rowing. With the endeavours of the Fethiye Municipality, many national and international Rowing Contests have been organized here.
     The paragliding activity at Babadağ has in recent years become an international festival where famous sportsmen all over the world are participating. Work is under way to have this as a traditional festival.

     Babadag, covering the eastern part of Ölüdeniz, is deemed as one of the best flying points in the world for paragliding. Babadag is on the list of "world heritage" due to its rich flora and presents the splendour of Ölüdeniz and its environs from a different perspective. Experienced sportsmen wishing to make a single jump can obtain their equipment and transfer services from the travel agencies active in the region.
     To attempt a tandem jump accompanied by a pilot and with your camera to document the panorama of Ölüdeniz while gliding in the blue sky is an experience to add colour to your whole life.
     After an exciting trip on a rough mountain road, the summit at an altitude of 1975 meters is reached. Prior to the jump, the last preparations are carried out. After checking the parachute equipment, the pilot accompanying you gives you the technical information and advises you on what you have to do. All that is left to you is to run a few steps towards the wind and let yourself go in the sky. Once the parachute opens, you will glide through clouds and reach the sea. Now relax and enjoy this perfect flight..
Adrenalin and freedom in the sky... The only thing you have to do is to be able to say to yourself, "I want this"...
     One of the most important factors determining the flight down is the varying thermal conditions in the sky. During your flight, which lasts approximately 25 minutes, you have a range of vision from the Butterfly Valley to the Kaya Village and the impressive splendour which nature bestows in this region. Your hands are free to immortalize this beauty with your camera...
Your flight ends when you reach the soft sands of the Belcekiz Beach. The high adrenalin content and the exuberance of freedom will stay with you forever.

Horseback Riding
     Daily rides with mounts for experienced and nonexperienced riders are avaliable around the local countryside and in Kaya Village. There are also horse riding courses and horseback riding in Fethiye.

Trekking - Lycian Route
     The Lycian Road is described in historical documents as a transportation system of paths connecting the 45 known city-states of the antique Lycia. The ruins of antique settlements on your route is ornamented by the rich flora and fauna of the Taurus Mountains and the bewitching panorama of the pine forests joining the sea. During your trekking, the cordial and hospitable population of the mountain villages and interesting cultural values make you forget your fatigue and acquaint you with the beauty of a different life-style.
     The Mediterranean-Taurus fauna, with its approximately 9.000 species, and the endemic samples of most extraordinary flowers and trees afford the trekkers of the Lycian Road the unique experience of discovering a natural museum. The Lycian Road is opening up to the world from Fethiye as an alternative and popular tourism activity of recent years...
     The starting point of the Lycian Road trekking is the Ovacik Village. You reach the summit of Babadag, at an altitude of 1975 meters, and from there to the Faralya (Uzunyurt) Village, following the road signs placed at every 100 meters. Especially during the first part of the trekking, you are required to wear boots and carry trekking material suitable for mountain roads, foodstuffs and water supply adequate to last until you reach the springs.
     After Faralya the path is within the forest and on an easier scale, again guided by road signs. You encounter no problems with water and food. To stop for a swim at Kabak Bay adds to your pleasure... The antique settlements on your route such as Sydima, Pinara, Letoon and Xanthos are samples of the mysterious Lycian Period, bewitching the addicts of history and archaeology. After trekking across the 18 km. long shore of Patara and visiting the ancient city, you may stop for a rest at Kalkan and Kas.
The trekking route on the Lycian Road is on the chain of paths joining the city-states within the Lycian Federal Union established thousands of years ago. In other words, trekking on this route is like a walk within a time tunnel existing between the depths of history and the present day. A group led by an experienced guide or an individual trekking has become a safe holiday activity, supported by a project pursuant to a competition by the name of "4 lights into future". Upon completion of route established between Fethiye and Antalya by road signs indicating direction and information, a similar work is under way to enliven the route between Fethiye and Marmaris.

Jeep Safari
Pursuant to transfer from your hotel to the starting point, you ride in a 4 x 4 jeep and start an enjoyable trip towards the back gardens of Fethiye. The Jeep Safaris are organized daily to different regions by travel agencies where you can participate as a driver or a passenger and experience an advenurous journey on all sorts of roads ranging from wide street to small, dusty tracks. You can made reservations for jeep safaris from any of the travel agencies.

     Göcek Yacht Club (Estabilished May 1999, Federated Feb. 2000) started to sail training courses with optimist in summer 2001 and 2002. Club trained 52 children up to basic helm levels in our optimist dinghies. Building on this success in summer of 2003 we are hoping to train up to 100 children to the same advanced level. Related tothese courses six children raced in Mugla district championship regattas organised by the Turkish sailing federation.






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